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Archana Timeline

Here is a timeline that shows Archana Gambiraopet's accident and her journey.

Arpana & Acharna Gambiraopet met with an accident on November 12, 2010 where Arpana died and Archana was critically injured. Through the help of their friends, students, community, media and various non-profit organizations Archana has survived. She is currently living in Atlanta, GA and undergoing treatment at Shepered Rehab Center.

March 2012

Archana moves back to Shepherd Rehab Center, Atlanta, GA

Archana, along with her family, moved to Atlanta, GA to receive treatment again from the Shepherd Center, which is one of the best centers involved in the NeuroRecovery Network Program. Archana received treatment three days per week, which cost at least $300 per day. The Gambiraopet family sought help to support this tremendous financial strain.

April 13 2012

Arpana & Archana Gambiraopet Campus Impact Award

Murray State University created the Arpana & Archana Gambiraopet Campus Impact Award in the sisters’ honor during the University’s Annual Diversity Achievement Awards Reception. Archana received the first award and every year going forward, Archana will give this award to an eligible outstanding student. In this devastating and grief-stricken journey, this was yet another profoundly touching moment for Archana and the Gambiraopet family.

Jan - Feb 2011

Archana treated at Shepherd Rehab Center, Atlanta, GA

Upon admission to Shepherd Hospital Inpatient care, Archana received several complicated medical and surgical interventions and procedures. The center developed a tailored Plan of Care for her, which included physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, therapeutic recreation, social work, rehab nursing, psychology, nutrition, and assistive technology. Archana was dependent on mobility devices for the activities of daily living. She transitioned from Inpatient Rehabilitation to a Comprehensive Day Program to continue with her outpatient rehabilitation. Archana’s family was intensely involved in her care throughout every step of this process.

February 28 2011

Archana discharged from Shepherd Rehab Center, Atlanta, GA

Archana was discharged after more than two months of intense rehab therapy. Archana's cousin, Saritha and her husband Srinivas Keerthi, generously provided shelter to the Gambiraopet family during this time. The Shepherd Center made special arrangements and flew Archana to the Kessler Rehabilitation Center in New Jersey for further treatment.

March 2011

Archana treated at Kesslers Rehabilitation Center, NJ

With the help of the local New Jersey Indian Community and the family, Archana was admitted to the Kessler Rehabilitation Center, West Orange, NJ for specialized physical therapy, occupational therapy, and rehab. Since the cost of treatment alone was $500 a day, the family received financial help from the Indian Community, NATS, and physicians and philanthropists in and around the Tri-State area.

June 07 2011

Archana's Condition Stabilizes and Improves

Archana received outpatient therapy three days per week at the Kessler Rehabilitation Center. She made good progress on her left arm and was able to operate her motorised wheel chair on her own. She still did not have significant control over her legs.

July 2011

NATS raises Funds to help Archana

The North America Telugu Society (NATS), under the leadership of Ravi Madala, Madhu Kurapati, and their Board of Directors, presented Archana’s cause to the Telugu Community during the NATS Biennial Convention in New Jersey. NATS successfully raised $35,000 through this event and paid bills directly to hospitals, rehab centers, and Archana’s other medical providers.

September 2011

Archana at Frazier Rehab Institute, Louisville, KY

Doctors at the Kessler Rehabilitation Center found that Archana had some muscle tone and muscle fire in the lower part of her body and advised to take her to the Frazier Rehab Institute at Louisville, KY for evaluation. At Frazier, doctors concluded that Archana could regain her loco-motor functions if she received therapy at the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation’s NeuroRecovery Network, which is a cooperative network of cutting-edge rehabilitation centers designed to provide and develop therapies to promote functional recovery and improve the health and quality of life for people living with spinal cord injuries.

November 12 2011

Arpana Gambiraopet's First Death Anniversary

Arpana Gambiraopet, Archana’s identical twin sister, was remembered. The Gambiraopet family, who saw their dreams shattered one year prior, expressed their infinite gratitude to all who helped, both financially and emotionally, through the past year of grief and perseverance.

December 10 2011

Archana graduates from Murray State University!

Demonstrating perseverance and strength that inspired thousands of people, Archana received a Masters in Chemistry from Murray State University, where she and her sister were enrolled before the accident. She also received a Masters Degree on behalf of her deceased twin sister, Arpana. It was a profoundly touching moment for her and the Gambiraopet family.

November 12 2010

Archana & Arpana Gambiraopet, identical Twin Sisters and Masters Students at Murray State University, involved in Horrific Car Accident

Archana and Arpana Gambiraopet were involved in a horrific car accident when both sisters were sitting in the back seat of a friend’s car as an SUV truck collided with it.. Both sisters were critically injured and taken to a nearby hospital, and then were airlifted to a bigger facility at Vanderbilt Hospital. After valiantly fighting for her life for five hours at Vanderbilt Hospital, Arpana Gambiraopet succumbed to her injuries and died. Archana Gambiraopet suffered paralyzing and life-threatening spinal cord injuries (C4 & C5 completely severed).

November 13 2010

Major Surgery performed on Archana Ganbiraopet

Archana underwent a major five-hour surgery to realign her fractured spinal bones and decompress her crushed spinal cord with titanium rods and rings. In addition to her paralyzing spinal cord injury (she suffered paralysis from the neck down), Archana sustained rib fractures, a right distal clavicle fracture, kidney lacerations, respiratory failure requiring a tracheotomy, transfusions for blood loss and pneumonia. The Gambiraopet family survived this devastating time thanks to the love and support of unknown countless beautiful citizens and fellow Indians living in this great country.

As this terrible accident took place our entire life dreams and lives shattered and we have no purpose of living other than taking care of our disabled daughter Archana. She needs complete care and attention from both of her parents for the rest of her life. Children are valuable and precious symbols of what lies ahead. Children are considered the hope of the future, when a child dies, that hope is lost. Our loss of one daughter and the spinal cord injury to another has been devastating to our family.

December 12 2010

Archana released from Vanderebilt Hospital

After one month of treatment, Archana was released from Vanderbilt Hospital and transferred to Shepherd Center, Atlanta, GA for rehab therapy. The center graciously accepted Archana, even though she had no money, no insurance, and no place to stay. The Shepherd Center’s support gave Archana a second chance to live.